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I am responsible for modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing.
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2.5D Matte Paintings&Vue

In this section you will find my matte paintings done in Photoshop, and 3D Camera projection shots in Nuke.

Dark Age Matte Painting - Photoshop
This is a Matte painting that I did using Photoshop, it's inspired in the Dark Age. 
Sky was tweak and blended with new clouds, Hills was extended to the right of the image. The wall, castles and buildings are added to the original image. Final resolution 1920x1080p

Lighthouse in the Glacier
Live Action Shot - VFX Shot breakdown

Description of the shot:
The survivor of a sunken ship is heading towards a cliff where she seen a lighthouse on a cliff next.

Description of the project:
This is a Shot that done was done using 3D Camera projection in Nuke.
The original Matte painting was done in photoshop

Lighthouse in the Glacier Matte Painting - Photoshop
This is a Matte painting that I did for my final project of Photoshop for Digital Production class, at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.
It's a lighthouse in the middle of North Glacier. Final resolution 1920x1080p

I wrote a tutorial talking about the making of this project, checkout on the link below.

Vue - Lake at Morning
Softwares used: Vue/World Machine and Nuke.

Vue - Sand Mound
First test that I made in Vue, this is directly from render. Vue can be very powerfull in create different natural ambients with a lot of variations in vegetation and atmospheres that could be very usefull for Matte paintings.