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I am responsible for modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing.
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Awards & Interviews

In this section you will find links for interviews with some artists that I did and was publish in popular website. As well tutorials that I wrote and published in CGArena, and forum contest that I won.

Invited to participate in the Beta phase for Mari 2.6
Get inveted by Mike Zannetou The Foundry Mari engineering after start show the progress of a Custom Arnold Shader, and Environment Lighting IBL Implementations for Mari.

Invited to participate in the V-ray 3.0 Beta for Maya 
Get invited for Vladimir Koylazov (Vlado) creator of V-ray Renderer and Chaos Group, after Scott Metzger showed some of my work done for custom BRDF Arnold Shader replication insde Mari.
Vlado also very generous in provide a license to V-ray 3.0 with support for 1 year.

Invited to participate in Arnold Beta developers community
Get invited by Borja Morales plugin manager after showing to Jorge Bazaco some of the work done in trying to replicate the Arnold Standard Shader BRDF inside Mari Viewport. Including access to the code of the Arnold Standard Shader.

Our MARI Shader project get announced at Lester Banks Website
Antonio Neto posts a sneak look at the new developments into the shader project that is aimed to bring more realistic shaders to artists using the Foundry’s Mari.

Being developed by Miguel Santiago, Alex Tessier, Stuart Tozer, and Antonio Neto, the group hopes to bring the Mari viewport in line with standard shaders used in the industry today, mimicking the shaders from Arnold, V-Ray, and Mental Ray. The group hopes with these additions, Mari could be a better look development tool.

Matte Painting "The Lighthouse in the Glacier"
This is a Matte Painting that I did for my final project of the class Photoshop for Digital Production at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. It's a lighthouse in the middle of North Glacier.


The Visual Effects of Now and Then
Antonio Neto did a video compilation where you can see how each different VFX technique was made in the past and how is done now a days.

Interview with Gregory Fromenteau
Antonio Neto catches up with Gregory Fromenteau, Lead Lighting Artist at Ubisoft Montreal, to find out about his life, experiences and what advice he can offer aspiring artists.

Interview with Marshall Womack (Fossil Software)
Antonio Neto catches up with Marshall Womack, that had worked as Senior Environment artist at id Software , to find out about his life, experiences and what advice he can offer aspiring artists.