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I am responsible for modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing.
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Antonio Lisboa Menezes Neto

Contact Information

Graduated student from Gnomon School of Visual Effects - Hollywood. I am a Look Development TD/Texture Artist that started as a 3d generalist back in time. My main focus is looking a way to replicate the real world inside a computer through the creation of beautiful imagery.
I'm looking for a fulltime position to work in Hollywood blockbusters Films.
In a long term my goal is be the lead of a small team, inspiring and helping my colleagues to push the
quality of the work. Developing tools to help the artists accomplish the tasks more easily with more
comfortable, helping to solve any technical problem that we might face during the show.

  • Modeling (intermediate)
  • Texturing (advanced)
  •  Lighting (intermediate)
  • Mudbox (Intermediate)
  • Animation (basic)
  • Rigging (basic)
  • Software Programming (intermediate)
  • Surfacing (intermediate)
  • Shading (advanced)
  •             Compositing(intermediate)
  • Matte Painting (intermediate)
  • Tracking (basic)
  • FX (basic)
  • English (Fluent)
    Software Knowledge:

  • Maya (Advance)
  • Mel Script (intermediate)
  • Mudbox (intermediate)
  • Mari (advanced)
  • Nuke (intermediate)
  • PF Track (basic)
  • Unfold 3D (intermediate)
  • V-ray (advanced)
  • Redshift (advanced)
  • Mental Ray (intermediate)
  • Python (intermediate)
  • OSL (basic)

  • 3DS Max (intermediate)
  • Vue (intermediate)
  •             Zbrush (intermediate)
  • Photoshop (advanced)
  • After Effects (advanced)
  • Boujou (basic)
  • UV Layout (intermediate)
  • Arnold (advanced)
  • Renderman (basic)
  • GLSL (intermediate)
  • C++ (intermediate)
  • Linux (basic)
Freelancer - VFX Artist
July 2012 - present.

EGG Post Production - 3D Generalist / Lighting TD
February 2016 - April 2016.

The Foundry - MARI 3.1 (mGo - Mari&Maya Bridge development)
June 2014 - April 2016.
The Foundry - MARI 3.0 (mGo - Arnold, Vray and Redshift shaders development)
June 2014 - October 2015.

Motion Grapher/ CG Generalist at TV Verdes Mares(Rede Globo Branch)
March 2009 - May 2011 (2 years)

Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Individual classes, Fall of 2011 – Spring of 2012
Diploma, Maya Fast Track, Summer of 2011 
(Verification Letter from Gnomon School)

UNIFOR - Universidade de Fortaleza
Bachelor's degree, Advertising and Publicity, 2005 - 2009

(Cover letter pdf)

(Resume pdf)