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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mari 3.0 Credits by Developing the Arnold, Vray and Redshift shaders

Mari 3.0 Release - Video about the New Shaders
After 1 year of development with The Foundry, MARI 3.0 get's finally released with the new shaders.

Below there is a video from Mari 3.0 announcement at Siggraph.
22:30min - New shaders, Arnold shader, Redshift Architectural shader, Vray material shader...
23:30min - Big shout to Antonio Neto, Stuart Tozer, for developing this shader...

mGo MARI 3.0 - Latest Video
 This is the latest video from mGo(September 2015). The Foundry green light it for us to publish it to open public. mGo is target to be released with Mari v3.1, while the Arnold, Vray and Redshift shader will be released with version 3.0 that should be out soon. 


  1. how long will this take to publish for user,,

    1. If you asking about mGo, that was postponed by The Foundry to Mari 3.1, while the shaders are coming within Mari 3.0v1