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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Imaginary Mary - TV Series Pilot

Worked for 2 months in the pilot for a TV Series called Imaginary Mary at EGG Post Production in Dublin, Ireland. 
My duties in the show includes help the CG Supervisor John Huikku in the look development and shader network setup in Maya 2016 of the cg character Mary.
I was also responsible in optimize the render settings, lighting some shots, and provide support to the lighting department with technical stuff like scripting. 

Discuss techniques approaches with the lighting team and lighting supervisor helping the artists to find better ways to improve the lighting setup, render passes in order to improve the integration of the cg character with the plate, so we could attend the compositors needs.

This is a marketing image that I was responsible for the lighting setup:

This is the link to the trailer of the show where you will see 2 shots that I was responsible for, which are the ones from the sequence in the Cafe. One at 0:32 and the other at 0:39 of the video.

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